Amzer 12V / 24V Triple Socket USB Car Cigarette Charger - Black

Amzer 12V / 24V Triple Socket USB Car Cigarette Charger - Black

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Finally! The solution to charging multiple devices and gadgets in your car can now be solved thanks to this innovative new product. Converts single power output to triple power output. The 12V / 24V Triple Socket USB Car Cigarette Charger enables you to recharge gadgets such as your mobile phone, PDA, and MP3 simultaneously while driving. Designed with 3 car cigarette socket and one USB power port. Suitable for 12V / 24V vehicles. Output: 5A. Red indicator lights up while charging.



  • This product enables the user to control the electronic equipments that plugged into the socket with hand.
  • Offer you unexpected driving experiences.
  • you can charge up your mobile, iPod, and PDA or GPS receiver at the same time.
  • USB charger output to 5V / 500mA, suitable for cell phone, GPS, iPod and NetBook.
  • Triple socket with DC 12V / 24V output.
  • A fuse is included with the product.
  • Compatible with all the car cigarette lighter sockets with DC 12V / 24V.


  • Input voltage: DC 12V / DC 24V.
  • Output current: Max DC 5A (except USB).
  • USB Output voltage/current: DC 5V, Max 5.4V/500mA.
  • Total output power: 60W (except USB).
  • Manufacturer : AMZER
  • Color : Black

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