Amzer 3M Adhesive Dash or Console Mount for BlackBerry Storm 2 9520, BlackBerry Storm 9500

Amzer 3M Adhesive Dash or Console Mount for BlackBerry Storm 2 9520, BlackBerry Storm 9500

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Keep your BlackBerry Storm right where you want it with Amzer’s 3M Adhesive Dash or Console Mount. First, you’ll slide your Storm into the Custom Fit Cradle for a secure hold. The Cradle attaches to the adjustable Mount and allows for multiple viewing angles. To the bottom of the Mount is a one inch square of strong 3M adhesive, attach to any flat surface in your vehicle. This handy mount is small enough, that it doesn’t interfere with your line of sight while driving. Safety first……With Amzer’s 3M Adhesive Dash Mount for your BlackBerry Storm!
Note: Will not accommodate devices with protective cases on.



  • The passive cradle is designed as a custom fit mount for BlackBerry Storm 9500.
  • Multi angle adhesive mount includes the 1 inch multi angle adhesive dashboard / console pedestal.
  • The 1 inch tall pedestal is extremely versatile and adjusts to fit nearly all angles.
  • Adjust the angle of the pedestal head by firmly holding the base and rotating to the desired angle.
  • Easily transferred from one vehicle to another but tools required.
  • Quick installation will require tools.
  • Suitable for dashboards or flat surfaces.


  • Type: Multi angle dash/ console mount
  • Custom cradle
  • 3 different rotating options
  • Screws
  • 1 inch tall pedestal
  • Manufacturer: AMZER


  • AMZER is not responsible for any damages caused to your car, your device, or yourself due to the installation or use of this pedestal mount.
Click on PDF for User Manual

Compatible with:
Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 2 9520
Vodafone BlackBerry Storm
T-Mobile Blackberry Storm 2 9520
BlackBerry Storm 9500
BlackBerry Storm 2 9520