AMZER Black Protective Crystal Case for Motorola RAZR V3

AMZER Black Protective Crystal Case for Motorola RAZR V3

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Protect your Razr against daily hazards such as dents and scratches. This black plastic case is designed to fully protect your phone without compromising its sleek design and functionality. Provides maximum protection available while allowing easy access to the keypad, side buttons, camera and port. Comes with a patented PROGUARD technology beltclip. Color: Black



  • Work with complete use of phone, email, and all through the case!
  • Patented PROGUARD technology beltclip.
  • Sleek, slim fit to your device.
  • Innovative locking mechanism.
  • Simple to install, only take seconds.
  • Smart and stylish design.
  • Casing completely seals device from the elements.
  • This case comes with 2 belt clips for your maximum comfort.
    • Rotating Swivel Belt Clip: Take the Rectangular plastic w/round circle with 8 spokes, slide it up through the insert on the back plate, make sure the spoke circle is closest to the top with the curved end pointing up. Slide until clip has snapped, then take belt clip and with curved end pointing upwards slide into spoke circle, until it snaps. Rotate as desired.
    • Fixed hook-on belt clip: Take the clip, with the hook facing out, and widest end facing up, slide into back plate insert, until it snaps in place.
  • Keep your device from scratches, bump and daily wear and tear.
  • Color: Black.

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