Amzer Sun Visor Mount for BlackBerry Niagra 9630, Blackberry Tour 9630

Amzer Sun Visor Mount for BlackBerry Niagra 9630, Blackberry Tour 9630

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Slip your BlackBerry Niagra/ Tour into the custom fit cradle. Snap the cradle onto the sturdy Visor Clip and secure onto the passenger side sun visor. Quick and convenient, no muss no fuss. The Visor mount can easily be transferred from car to car and can even be used as a belt clip holster. This is an ideal alternative for drivers who cannot mount their mobile phone to their windshield or dash. Safety first! With Amzer’s Sun Visor Mount for your BlackBerry 9630!
Note: Will not accommodate devices with protective cases on.



  • Recommended installation location is on far left of passenger side Sun Visor!
  • The passive cradle is designed as a custom fit mount for Blackberry Tour 9630.
  • Easy to install. No tools required. Slides on to your Sun Visor with ease.
  • Easily transferred from one vehicle to another.
  • Conveniently fits in your pocket making it the perfect travel accessory for mounting your Blackberry Tour 9630.
  • Mount to the far left side of the passenger side sun visor for maximum visibility, even when car charger is connected to the Blackberry Tour 9630.


  • Type: Sun visor mount. 
  • Visor mount. 
  • Device holder. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Compatible with Blackberry Tour 9630. 
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.


  • AMZER strongly recommends using the visor mount on the passenger side sun visor.  
  • Using this mount on the driver’s side visor will reduce the driver’s view of the road. 
  • Do not place device car charger cords in or near an air bag deployment zone. 
  • AMZER is not responsible for any damages caused to your car, your Blackberry Tour 9630, or yourself due to the installation or use of this pedestal mount.

Click on PDF for User Manual

Compatible with:
Blackberry Tour 9630
BlackBerry Niagra 9630