AMZER Universal USB 3FT Cable

AMZER Universal USB 3FT Cable

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Use this cable to synchronize your Treo with your PC. At the same time, you can be charging without having to connect to a wall socket. The cable is tidy 3 feet in length and is compatible with most USB travel chargers also.



  • High quality, durability and best performance!
  • Luxurious and durable exterior.
  • The BlackBerry Leather Pocket is a form-fitted case.
  • This Leather Pocket keeps your BlackBerry Bold looking good.
  • This is the one specially designed to protect your BlackBerry Bold and its camera lens from bumps and scratches.
  • The built-in thumb groove for easy access.
  • Prevents damage to your phone from objects in your pockets or purse.
  • Proximity-sensing technology conserves battery power by automatically shutting off the screen backlight as soon as you slide your device into place.
  • Features different notification setting (for ringing, vibration or both) based on whether your device is in or out of its case.


  • Manufacturer: BlackBerry
  • Manufacturer Part No: HDW-19608-003
  • Color: Red
  • Case Type : Pouch

Compatible with:
Treo 500v
Treo 500